About Us

TST Instrument (Fujian) Co., Ltd.

establish in March, 2006, which is a international company

professional in manufacture testing machine and automation equipment.

With modern design and development technology and advanced production equipment, we are actively engaged in the production and development of a variety of high-performance testing equipment and non-standard automation equipment.

Since its inception, the company has adhered to the road of combining production, education and research, and with the theoretical knowledge and strong scientific research strength of many industrial research institutes in the country, on the basis of digesting and absorbing international advanced production technology, bold innovation, determined reform, Strive to create and develop new products with Chinese characteristics. It has made due contributions to improving the quality of scientific research and products in China.

Delicate in appearance, Professional in internality" is the principal which we are devoted to,The Advanced design style, excellent manufacturing technology and perfect service system has offered  first-rate product and high quality service for Scientific research institution, universities and colleges, enterprises and quality inspection institutions.

The completion of each product is the warm touch of mechanical technology. The high penetration of each skill is a complete sway of the creative mind. The successful trial of each high-tech material is an attempt to be innovative and dare to surpass. Inheriting German craftsmanship and applying high-tech technology, we specialize in creating TST products.

Set up sales points and technical service centers in Hong Kong, Shanghai, Guangdong, Fujian, Chongqing,Beijing and Changsha. Better provide customers with comprehensive laboratory solutions, including laboratory design, decoration, instrument selection, installation, training, maintenance, calibration, comparison testing, management systems, certification and other one-stop technical services.

When the equipment malfunctions, our technical team will propose the solution asap, and rush to the scene at the fastest speed to ensure the normal operation of the equipment. Based on the after-sales team and perfect process filing system and controlled maintenance management, TST instruments provide users

with timely, thoughtful and perfect after-sales service under the non-profit principle.


Less is more, no matter rule a world,or rule an enterprise,its the same truth

All can be summarized in a set to fit with east China enterprise brand strategy management

philosophy from the law of nature

We will be successfully once moderate fusion western brand essence of strategic management.

Support multi-standards, the company's products meet international common standards (ISO,

AATCC, ASTM, DIN, EN, GB, BS, JIS, ANSI, UL, TAPPI, IEC, VDE). From the customer's point of

 view, we can tailor the instrument according to customer needs, from small parts to large color

appearance and standard, which can be customized for customers.

On the basis of high technical content, the company digestsand absorbs international advanced production technology, boldly innovates, reforms and strives to create, and applies the most cutting-edge international concepts in actual production to develop new products with Chinese characteristics. TST promises that the instrument is accurate, reliable and safe. We develop and manufacture each test instrument with rigorous academic attitude, and strive to do our best.


Quality is not a result,it is a process of constant pursuit

TST has strict product quality control system

the comprehensive specfications of the finished products inspection operation specification

use German advanced technology process,each batch of products,meticulous,keep improving

Pour into one hundred percent of the effort

for the sake of your rigorous attitude,guarantee the first-class quality of the finished product


Excellent quality requires first-class equipments as the guarantee,TST introduction of German technology,

research and development innovation,

Proudly with jointed,

With gloal perspective based in China,look around the world,

Efforts to improve staff quality,strengthen the operation specification ,

In order to ensure product quality