Case and Bags impact tester by shaking method

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Place of Origin:Fujian, China
Brand Name:TST Instruments
Model Number:TD004
Usage:Case and Bags Test
Impact height:120-180mm
shaking speed:20times/min
shaking number:0-99999times
load weights:0-35 Kg
full dimensions:1500x1250x2800mm
Bags impact tester:Bags impact tester,bags testing machine
TD004 Luggage Oscillation Impact Tester/Case and Bags impact tester by shaking method
Which is used to test the vibration and impact resistance test of suitcase handles, car stitching and overall structure.
1. purpose
This testing machine is used to test the buckle, handle and overall structure of suitcases, travel bags, and the impact resistance of bumps. During the test, load the luggage, travel bag, etc. with the specified load, and perform at least 2500 tests on the test piece with the corresponding speed impact and a stroke of 0 to 8 inches. The test results can be used as a reference for product improvement.
2. Principle
After loading the specified load in the luggage, lift the luggage through the handle or the fully opened lever, and dive down at a certain speed and the gravity carried by itself within the specified stroke, and then the force is absorbed and released by the spring. The luggage is subjected to shock and vibration, so as to inspect the quality of the handle, pull rod, and box body (bag body).
3. According to the standard
This instrument is designed and manufactured according to QB/T2922-2018 Luggage Oscillation Impact Test Standard.
4.Technical Parameter
Metal support (Height not less than 2000mm)
Impact device It can move up and down, the damping spring constant is 17.54N/mm
Control device The test speed and impact tests can be adjusted, and the sample will automatically stop when it falls in the middle
Report device With automatic recording and memory function
Impact height 4inch
Shaking method A.S.T.M.standard spring 1.79KG/MM
Test speed 5~50C.M.P.
Specified load Depends on the size of the case. The general principle is that the hard bag is heavier and the soft bag is lighter
Impact times 2500 or 5000 times or others
Dimensions 1400*1200*2780mm(L*W*H)
Weights 390kg
Power 220V 50HZ 5A 1.1KW
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 A brand, An enterprise, A product all have a common name in TST.

TST  instrument (china) Co., Ltd. was established in March 2006, in cooperation with thr world’s top test instrument PFI in Germany to jointly develop the production of physical testing instrument, R&D center is located in the Rheinland-Pfalz. All products imported from Germany to china production in two years, and brought in the Germany production technology , process, quality and teshnology to the Chinese factory successfully.





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