Mattress ergonomic fitness testing machine-hardness classification and distribution

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Mattress ergonomic fitness testing machine-hardness classification and distribution
It is used to test the finished products of mattresses used in homes, hotels, hotels, restaurants, etc., to test the hardness and hysteresis loss rate and fit of the mattress. After the test is completed, it will be evaluated according to the test the grade of the sample.
Work Principle
A vertical force device is used to test the test points of the sample. During the test, the test points of the sample are loaded to a certain force at a set speed through a loading plate of a certain shape, and then the test data is collected through the data acquisition device , Analyzed by the TST core system, the samples are tested in a variety of standards and methods.
2. According to the standard:
1, T-SZFA 2003.1-2019 “Mattress Ergonomic Evaluation, Mattress Hardness Classification and Distribution Test Evaluation Method”
                              L6.1 Method A-Determination of Mattress Hardness Grade
                                L6.2 Method B-Determination of the hardness of each layer of the mattress
2, T-SZFA 2003.2-2019 “Mattress Ergonomic Evaluation, Mattress Fit Quantification and Evaluation Method”
3.Technical Parameter
Item Spec
Load capacity 0-300kg
Load accuracy 1/10000
Test accuracy static force:±0.1% ;dynamic force:0-3%
Servo motor 400W
Movement stroke can be set arbitrarily within the strok
Control method Intelligent PID closed-loop control, the force value error is controlled within ±3N
Test speed Set according to actual requirements
Displacement test device Laser ranging
Displacement test accuracy ±5mm
Test number 1-999999
Test mechanism 1 set of vertical test mechanism, which can move forward and backward, left and right and vertical movement
Test method Vertical load test
Set method computer set
Stop method Reach the set number of times, the stroke limit, the test will stop automatically
Test result display Automatic digital and curve display
combined frame structure
Frame APS high-strength aluminum alloy profile
Base National standard No. 45 steel, thickness 6mm, exhaust hole 6mm spacing 20mm
Force sensor
Electronic cylinder
Dimensions(WxDxH) 2700×2500×1500mm
1∮ AC 220V 50Hz 8A
Company Information

 A brand, An enterprise, A product all have a common name in TST.

TST  instrument (china) Co., Ltd. was established in March 2006, in cooperation with thr world’s top test instrument PFI in Germany to jointly develop the production of physical testing instrument, R&D center is located in the Rheinland-Pfalz. All products imported from Germany to china production in two years, and brought in the Germany production technology , process, quality and teshnology to the Chinese factory successfully.




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