Three reasons for unqualified office furniture

Many of today’s office furniture are hung with some hats of unqualified quality and contain harmful substances. The analysis of TST Instruments: There are three main reasons for unqualified office furniture.


1. Excessive glue content


Many consumers believe that wood is a natural material, so it is more environmentally friendly, especially some solid wood furniture, it is admired as an example of environmental protection, but in fact it is not the case. Some insiders told reporters: “In fact, many consumers have misunderstood solid wood furniture. Solid wood furniture is not pure solid wood, but refers to the main frame of the furniture is pure solid wood, and some auxiliary parts such as drawers, partitions and other parts In fact, it is still made of wood board or composite board. Of course, this kind of board will contain a certain amount of glue, and this is also the hiding place where formaldehyde gathers the most. Because of the existence of these boards, if you choose improperly, Solid wood furniture will also have excessive formaldehyde.


2. Paint harmful gas


What do you worry about the newly delivered furniture? Perhaps many people will have the impression that the smell of the new furniture is much stronger than the sample. Sometimes a newly made small wardrobe may fill the entire room with irritating. Smell, which is caused by harmful gases such as VOC and formaldehyde in paint. One of the more widely accepted practices in the industry is to use water-based paint, which is mainly replaced by water, banana water. Water-based materials are non-toxic, and banana water is a well-known toxic chemical component; water-based materials evaporate only water, not chemical components, this method to resolve harmful gases in paint.


3.The amount of the use of space comprehensive decoration materials


The materials used are absolutely green, and the paint surface used will not be a problem, but why will the final indoor air test still fail to meet the standards? According to the survey, consumers should consider the usage amount of space area and paint, furniture and fabric decoration when buying furniture or selecting plates,the more materials used, the greater the amount of harmful gases superimposed on the unit area, and the worse the environmental protection of the indoor air. Excessive material accumulation may cause the harmful gas in the area to exceed the standard, so when considering the practicality at the time of decoration, the amount of material should be minimized, so as to effectively control the release of harmful gas, if necessary When a large number of materials are used, the environmental performance of each material must be stricter.

Post time: Jun-09-2020