Why do textile inspections?

        Clothing and textiles play a pivotal role in people's lives.
        With the enhancement of consumers' environmental protection and health awareness, in addition to the comfort, safety and functionality of the finished product, consumers have also begun to put forward requirements for the quality of textiles at various stages and began to pay attention to the quality of textiles. Source control of the supply chain.
        Textile manufacturers and exporters are facing unprecedented challenges.


        What about textile testing?
        Textile testing is the process of inspecting, measuring and evaluating the performance and quality of textile materials (fibers, yarns, etc.) and textile products (fabrics, clothing, etc.). Different countries have different requirements for textile testing and have issued different laws and regulations to regulate this.
        The general physical testing items involved are: fiber properties, color fastness, dimensional stability, fabric structure, chemical properties, functionality, appearance quality, etc.; different products, as well as different test requirements and standards, need to be tested.

Colorful textiles in the Suq, Medina, Marrakech, Morocco, Africa

        If it is the air permeability of the clothes we wear every day, we can choose this TSE-A024 air permeability tester

        The equipment is used for a variety of textile fabric, including the performance measurement of technical fabric and nonwoven cloth textile products and other breathable material. 

        According to the AFNOR (France standards association) G07-111, ASTM (American standard of testing materials), D737, BS5, 636 (British standard), DIN 53, 887(German industrial standards), EDANA 140.1 (European use can give up and nonwovens manufacturers association), ISO 9237 (international organization for standardization), JIS L1096 -A (Japanese industrial standard), T251 TAPPI (pulp and paper industry technology association), and other standard for automation and digital operation. 

Air permeability tester

        Why do textile inspections?
1: Find unqualified products in time to ensure quality and maintain corporate reputation.
2: Find problems in time, feed back quality information, and prompt companies to correct or improve product quality.
3: Maintain the legitimate rights and interests of all parties and the country, coordinate conflicts, and promote the normal conduct of commodity trading activities.


Post time: Oct-22-2021