QHZ Furniture surface paint film physical performance scratch test

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Fujian, China
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TST Instruments
Model Number:
scratch test
GB9279 – 88
scratch awl length:
not less than 60mm
test bench travel speed:
20-40mm / s
syringe needle steel ball dia:
dip angle:
weights load:
min increment:
scratch test:
film physical performance test,paint film scratch tester
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QHZ Furniture surface paint film physical performance scratch test 



QHZ-type paint film scratches tester:strength, hardness, adhesion, etc. is the film’s important physical properties, its size directly affects the important use performance of the film, such as: wear resistance; abrasion resistance; scratch resistance:,impact resistance and the retention of paint film and the difficulty of cleaning, etc, the film strength, hardness change etc is the  essential test items to evaluate the performance of the paint. The use of the instrument can be easily integrated assessment of the film strength, hardness, adhesion and other physical properties, so the usage of the instrument is through the anti penetrate capability of paint film coating when scratched by scratch awlto signify the coating strength, hardness and adhesion. 


Working principle


The instrument is mainly composed of the scratch awl frame and test bench, the scratch awl vertical action on the coating templet (the templet fixed on the test bench on the table, can be  horizontal or vertical movement; for horizontal movement can be motorized , also can be manually after turned off the power, the vertical movement is manual


When the power is turned on, the red indicator light on the power switch indicates that the instrument is powered on. At this point, such as the return switch is in the experimental state, the table moves from right to left, the scratch awl in the “experimental” stroke and the templet contact; reverse stroke (return switch back to “return” state), the table from left to right , The scratch awl is raised without touching the templet, changing the weight of the scratch awl on the  frame , measured under different weights whether can scratch the film, with the min weight when scratched the film to determine the value of the film resistance to scratch.




Company Information

   A brand, An enterprise, A product all have a common name in TST.

TST  instrument (china) Co., Ltd. was established in March 2006, in cooperation with thr world’s top test instrument PFI in Germany to jointly develop the production of physical testing instrument, R&D center is located in the Rheinland-Pfalz. All products imported from Germany to china production in two years, and brought in the Germany production technology , process, quality and teshnology to the Chinese factory successfully.





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