Spring repeatly compression fatigue durability tester

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Spring repeatly compression fatigue durability tester

The spring repeated compression tester is suitable for testing spring durability and fatigue testing. Springs are used in a wide range of applications, and enterprises are indispensable for the detection of fatigue life and durability of springs. Different industries have different requirements for springs, and the performance of the springs needs to be different. For example: tensile spring fatigue strength, compression spring life, spring endurance fatigue, spring bending fatigue, etc.

Remarks:it can be optional to add compensation the displacment and force value.
1.working principle:
The spring of a certain specification is assembled with the corresponding test accessory and fixed on the corresponding test fixture, and the spring is repeatedly compressed and rebounded. After a certain number of cycles, it is checked whether the spring can still meet the use requirements.
2.according to the standard:
This tester is designed and manufactured according to the “Customer Enterprise Standard”.

 3. Instrument features:
3.1. TST intelligent control system: The repeated compression and elastic testing systems operate independently and complement each other. The thickness of the sample, the peak value of the elastic force can be monitored in real time, and the test parameters are automatically saved in the specified number of times.
3.2, control mode: microcomputer + PLC closed-loop control;
3.3, 8 section interval test, the height test of the sample under the specified elastic force, and the elastic test at the specified height

3.4, test data real-time monitoring, real-time storage, U disk dump printing.

Technical Parameter

Item Spec
Test speed 100±5times/min,adjusted range:0-110times/min
Test force value Measuring range:0-120kg
Specimen clamp Dia:Φ42mm
Compression depth 100-170mm (adjustable)
Repeatly compression stroke 50mm
Specimen spec H(max):225mm  ;Dia(max):65mm
Test number 0-999999times
Full dimensions(WxDxH) 490mm ×510mm × 1035mm
Weight(aprox) 100KG
Power 1∮ AC 220V±10V  50Hz 6A
Company Information


 A brand, An enterprise, A product all have a common name in TST.

TST  instrument (china) Co., Ltd. was established in March 2006, in cooperation with thr world’s top test instrument PFI in Germany to jointly develop the production of physical testing instrument, R&D center is located in the Rheinland-Pfalz. All products imported from Germany to china production in two years, and brought in the Germany production technology , process, quality and teshnology to the Chinese factory successfully.





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